Sunday, 21 June 2015

Part 6 - Gold Coast Skateboarders

After two weeks on the Gold Coast and some RAD sessions with Izy, Shanae a whole load of Pizzey locals, these shots came out good aye! 

Izy  Mutu - b/s smith at Runaway Bay

Kyle - b/s board slide

Nick - crail air

Nick - crooks

Pat Dandy - 180 switch 5-0

Jim & Pat Dandy

Pat Dandy - boneless

Pat Dandy - f/s flip disaster

Pat Dandy - f/s lip slide

Brothers Dandy

A Pizzey local - b/s boneless in that bowl 

Izy Mutu - f/s ollie

Pizzey local, Matty - kick flip over the rail

Shanae Collins - b/s feeble (grind)

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Part 5 - The Gold Coast, Nimbin & A Koala

I've been on the Gold Coast for 12 days so I've taken a fair number of photos.
First are some from the back yard of the house of which I'm a guest in Burleigh Waters and some of my hosts.

Louie & a fish

Brooke & Tom 

Low light & bad quality, but a turtle all the same!

Next are from Nimbin, a small town in the hills in New South Wales. It was a rainy day and the clouds were low. This place is basically a hippy commune and everyone was smoking joints as Tom, Brooke, Leroy & I walked down the main street and sat in a cafe and drank coffee, watching many vacant souls wonder by. A very odd place. 
We also visited a candle factory which was very colourful! The whole place was covered in many thick layers of wax.

Many wasp nests

Giant pile of waxy plastic spoons

Brooke and I took Leroy for a walk in a local park on one of the many rainy days in Burleigh. Leeroy spotted something and bolted. We followed and found him barking up a tree. I was pretty stoked at what was up the tree, this led to some quintessentially Australian photos!

My next post will be comprised of a whole load of skate photos. I've had the opportunity to skate with a whole bunch of RAD individuals over the past two weeks and photograph them. Until then....

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